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Cleanliness and hygiene is of prime importance in our everyday life. Hygiene is not only concerning dirt that we can see, but  those tiny creatures that are hardly visible to the naked eyes are crucial. They are all over the place, not only exist in rubbish bin or toilet, but thousands and millions on our personal belongings and even our skins.

Micro-organism is a big family which includes numerous kind. Some are harmless to human but some are deadly, a small number go into our body might kill us in a short period of time. For example: H5N1, H3N2 are popular virus names that we usually hear on the news.

After the 2003 SARS breakout in Hong Kong, we paid a huge price for this and learn the lesson. Cross infection has became a big issue in our community, as we have noticed this could devastate a whole city's economy and not just an individual health.

Prevention and Protection are always piror to medication and every lives count.

Our vision is to introduce and letting more people aware the significance of hygiene and cleanliness.

Wealthy Way always bring you the most advanced household cleansing product from all over the world. 


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